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Designing public services

I have earlier blogged about service design and last week at the 1st Nordic conference on Service Design and Service Innovation conference I met a number of very skilled people from different domains. It just reinforced my thinking about the … Continue reading

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On demonstrators and innovation

In earlier posts, I talked about Norway as a test-bed for developing services in a digital society (my first public statement on this topic was at the First Tuesday network event in Oslo, May 2006 where I presented contexts for … Continue reading

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Actively participating in society

The events of the last few days in Mumbai – the city of my birth – has brought terror to me in a manner most chilling. Terror has reached my doorstep! I do not live in Mumbai, however my wife … Continue reading

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Software platforms for NGOs – Open Source is more than software

Open Source is definitely reaching the 2.0 state and becoming a real alternative to commercial software. However, most of all it proposes value to take “Social Networking” to the NGOs and non-profits who work tirelessly to make changes in their … Continue reading

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A couple of days ago, I signed in to the Norwegian Government’s citizens’ portal Minside (myPage) for the first time. myPage gives me access to information about me, that is registered in some of the Government registers. I can also … Continue reading

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Societal Digital Infrastructure

Societal digital infrastructure — a term I am coining to capture the concept of fundamental software-powered services and corresponding data structures needed to ensure basic interoperability of services and information exchange at the societal level. For eg in Norway there … Continue reading

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More participative democracy

More than ever before, there seems to be a lot of activity around the topic of the “Digital Society” …. I am not sure how this term will evolve but at any rate I am happy it is not being … Continue reading

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