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Googlezon and robotic journalism

I just read Nicholas Carr’s note on the Web-Wikipedia-Google connection. It got me thinking about the way society in general perceives content from the Web as the sole truth (I too quote from Wikipedia, mainly definitions). The line of thinking … Continue reading

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SaaS and HaaS

The blogosphere is alive with Microsoft’s patent (link) for pay-as-you-go hardware services. There are a number of patents being filed and awarded and Microsoft has its fair share. What makes this different? I have two thoughts on this event relevance … Continue reading

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On demonstrators and innovation

In earlier posts, I talked about Norway as a test-bed for developing services in a digital society (my first public statement on this topic was at the First Tuesday network event in Oslo, May 2006 where I presented contexts for … Continue reading

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Obama and world expectations

The chatter and twitter on the blogosphere these last weeks was about the US presidential election. And the pundits have commented and mainstream media moved on with the warning that “now, Obama must deliver”. To get an idea of the … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s cloud

So its here. Microsoft’s foray into the world of cloud computing – the buzzword everyone is using to refer to the “next big thing”. Launching Azure today, Microsoft is taking on Amazon and Google who have their own cloud offerings. … Continue reading

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SaaS and disruption

Looks like ISPs are in for competition from a new source — device manufacturers. Last week HTC announced HTCmail – a service powered by Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange offering. See this link There is much talk about the next great thing in … Continue reading

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Today, Telenor launched the Windows Live Messenger service to mobile users in the Norwegian market. There is nothing revolutionary about the technology, it has been available for some time. However, what is significant is that this is another small step … Continue reading

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