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Government as a platform – hype or real?

The Gov 2.0 Expo last month provided a wealth of knowledge about how governments can actually be transformed to serve as platforms. What I found interesting about the Expo — I was not present, just following from a distance – … Continue reading

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Nobel prize for Obama – Why I think it is a good thing.

Friday’s announcement of the 2009 Nobel peace prize award to Obama has drawn much comment around the globe The comments are driving introspection and reflection at mulitple levels — as witnessed by blogposts and Facebook conversations. The notion of peace … Continue reading

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Collaborative content creation

A big problem with laws and other technical material produced for bureacratic use is that it is – for all practical purposes – limited to those who are well-versed in the jargon or those with an immense capacity to read … Continue reading

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“Us Now” and participative democracy

Us Now is definitely a film to watch for those of us interested in the way grassroots movements are exploiting collaborative technologies. Director Ivo Gomley has manged to capture many aspects and examples in the documentary. Also thanks to Sermo … Continue reading

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Googlezon and robotic journalism

I just read Nicholas Carr’s note on the Web-Wikipedia-Google connection. It got me thinking about the way society in general perceives content from the Web as the sole truth (I too quote from Wikipedia, mainly definitions). The line of thinking … Continue reading

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Chrome for deeper user experiences

Looks like Chrome may be taking the role of the operating system. What with all those nifty net-based applications building up on Google’s home page. Google Docs is all set to take on MS Office, the features keeping increasing and … Continue reading

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Social browsing?

Web 2.0 is rolling on. I just came across these two pieces of software Flock (link) and Viewzi (link). Flock is a social-web browser based on Mozilla, that gives a hint of the potential to develop specialist browsers. I’m not … Continue reading

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