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Government as a platform – hype or real?

The Gov 2.0 Expo last month provided a wealth of knowledge about how governments can actually be transformed to serve as platforms. What I found interesting about the Expo — I was not present, just following from a distance – … Continue reading

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Consumer Centered Service Development – First Tuesday 23rd may 2006

As social media technologies build for interoperability, interesting things can happen. This presentation is 3 1/2 years old, but posted to slideshare 3 weeks ago. And now being linked to my blog. Am just curious to see how this works … Continue reading

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Society 2.0?

Over the last few weeks I have been revisiting the role of entertainment and new media technology in the context of the digital society and I am struck by how far we have come in creating virtual arenas. Not just … Continue reading

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Obama and world expectations

The chatter and twitter on the blogosphere these last weeks was about the US presidential election. And the pundits have commented and mainstream media moved on with the warning that “now, Obama must deliver”. To get an idea of the … Continue reading

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On platforms and transparency

As I learn more about the current global financial crisis and watch the crisis unfold and expand, I cannot help thinking that the crisis is a stark reminder of our increasingly digital existence. The digital society is here and I … Continue reading

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Chrome for deeper user experiences

Looks like Chrome may be taking the role of the operating system. What with all those nifty net-based applications building up on Google’s home page. Google Docs is all set to take on MS Office, the features keeping increasing and … Continue reading

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Dervice = Device + Service

The consumer-centered design wave is taking shape. I have come across a number of stories of consumer-centricity emerging in what seems like the next dot-com wave. A lot of solutions are taking the shape of “dervices”. A what? Well, I … Continue reading

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