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Open Source is more than free software

The open source movement has been popularised by the geeks, who benefited immensely from the collaborative power of the internet. The notion of open source has been around for centuries albeit in small communities where knowledge sharing was a way … Continue reading

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Meeting face-to-face virtually

So here it is. A network player like Cisco entering the home entertainment space — by announcing that they will provide telepresence solutions for the home — through AT&T and Walmart (!) see this article. I was hoping Tandberg would … Continue reading

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Unified Contacts?

Last year I posted about Microsoft’s global launch of Unified Communication. And today, I read Mary Jo’s post on Echoes. Echoes is evidently Microsoft’s attempt at Unified Communications for the consumer. What is strange, is that just this morning I … Continue reading

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NRK Beta

The folks at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) have experimented with the use of multi-platform technology to understand how they can make their programming more accessible. They used one their most popular series as content for the experiment. Smart guys. The reaction … Continue reading

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Digital home(sick)

The digital home appears to be many steps closer. 3 announcements in the last few days lead me to this: (a) Microsoft has just recently released the Home Server to its OEM partners. (see more here) (b) Clearwire & Sprint … Continue reading

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Origins of the Digital Society blog

During the Christmas holidays I have been reflecting on the origins of my interest in the Digital Society. I have been observering changes and the technological advances over the last 5-6 years; without actually being able to define what I … Continue reading

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