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Are public services different from other services?

There must be other people who also react to the notion of services from the public sector. What exactly are services from the public sector? How do these services compare to commercially provided services? Admittedly, the term “services” is overloaded, … Continue reading

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Education as a basic right – how can we make grassroot innovation scale up and out?

I am fortunate to live in a country where basic education is compulsory and higher education is a basic right. This means, as a parent I am obliged to send my children to school (grades 1-10) and penalised if I … Continue reading

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SaaS and HaaS

The blogosphere is alive with Microsoft’s patent (link) for pay-as-you-go hardware services. There are a number of patents being filed and awarded and Microsoft has its fair share. What makes this different? I have two thoughts on this event relevance … Continue reading

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On demonstrators and innovation

In earlier posts, I talked about Norway as a test-bed for developing services in a digital society (my first public statement on this topic was at the First Tuesday network event in Oslo, May 2006 where I presented contexts for … Continue reading

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Obama and world expectations

The chatter and twitter on the blogosphere these last weeks was about the US presidential election. And the pundits have commented and mainstream media moved on with the warning that “now, Obama must deliver”. To get an idea of the … Continue reading

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Outsourcing lifestyle?

Last week, on my blog on Digital wellbeing I posted about Medical Tourism as the next level of outsourcing. Having just returned from a trip to India, I could see how medical services were being increasingly commercialised and could relate … Continue reading

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NRK Beta

The folks at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) have experimented with the use of multi-platform technology to understand how they can make their programming more accessible. They used one their most popular series as content for the experiment. Smart guys. The reaction … Continue reading

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Education 2.0?

Sam Pitroda was instrumental in driving the telecom-based transformation in India (in particular rural India). He is now chairman of the Knowledge Commission, an initiative to prepare India for the Knowledge Society. An ambitious, brave and breathtaking effort. This is … Continue reading

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Its happens at the community level

I just came across this interesting article by the CEO & Chairman of Accenture Bill Green. It gives some context to my after after-hours hobby project (creating an alumni portal for my school back home in Bombay). While the similarity … Continue reading

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