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Citizen-centered apps

The wave of making public data available continues as more countries adopt the model set by the US initiative – latest is the UK government’s Expectedly, it did not take long before sectors like transportation and law identified areas … Continue reading

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Welfare 2.0?

Living in a welfare state, I am being increasingly convinced that the next level of welfare must embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR) – in a radically different way. Not very unlike the way that the Indian conglomerate Tata has demonstrated … Continue reading

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Are public services different from other services?

There must be other people who also react to the notion of services from the public sector. What exactly are services from the public sector? How do these services compare to commercially provided services? Admittedly, the term “services” is overloaded, … Continue reading

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Obama and world expectations

The chatter and twitter on the blogosphere these last weeks was about the US presidential election. And the pundits have commented and mainstream media moved on with the warning that “now, Obama must deliver”. To get an idea of the … Continue reading

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Separate blogs

It is long overdue, the time to split my blog into a separate blog that focuses on a special theme of the Digital Society. Welcome to the Digital care and well-being blog. I will post there on matters of healthcare … Continue reading

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Innovations in healthcare and well-being

As I have captured my thoughts on the Digital Society over the last few years, I felt I had touched on so many topics that it was time to split my blog into more focused themes. My posts have talked … Continue reading

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Test-bed for lifestyle services

The semantics of “Healthcare services” are getting richer and “self service” seems to take on a whole new meaning. This article is the latest describing innovative health care solutions that can transform the way health care services are disbursed. There … Continue reading

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Demonstrators for the digital society

What started as an attempt to go beyond alumni reunions led to an interesting scenario of the digital society. On the 28th of November 2007 the alumni association of my high school in Mumbai, India handed over 100 cashless healthcards … Continue reading

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Social responsibility and telemedicine

And here is one more example of the “Digital Society in Practice”. My collegaue Øyvind Strømme pointed me to Thomas Friedman’s article in the NYTimes. Very inspiring story of social responsibility by the Byrraju Foundation. At first looks, one is … Continue reading

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Every now and then it is good to be prodded into blogging. So last week’s post by Eirik was indeed welcome! Thanks Eirik! And the encouragement seemed well timed; just as Microsoft had announced their HealthVault initiative. Evidently beating Google … Continue reading

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