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Citizen-centered apps

The wave of making public data available continues as more countries adopt the model set by the US initiative – latest is the UK government’s Expectedly, it did not take long before sectors like transportation and law identified areas … Continue reading

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Trends and ramblings

Over the last few days, I’ve been trend-hunting — political trends and technology trends. And picked up Arianna Huffington’s note on the “All for good” initiative. To me, the potential impact of this site is huge, not only is it … Continue reading

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The browser is the new desktop

Last september, I commented Google’s launch of Chrome with thoughts along those lines. Having watched the demo of Google Wave yesterday, I am even more convinced that the browser is the new desktop (screenshots from 7:40 into the video) For … Continue reading

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“Us Now” and participative democracy

Us Now is definitely a film to watch for those of us interested in the way grassroots movements are exploiting collaborative technologies. Director Ivo Gomley has manged to capture many aspects and examples in the documentary. Also thanks to Sermo … Continue reading

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SaaS and HaaS

The blogosphere is alive with Microsoft’s patent (link) for pay-as-you-go hardware services. There are a number of patents being filed and awarded and Microsoft has its fair share. What makes this different? I have two thoughts on this event relevance … Continue reading

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Outsourcing lifestyle?

Last week, on my blog on Digital wellbeing I posted about Medical Tourism as the next level of outsourcing. Having just returned from a trip to India, I could see how medical services were being increasingly commercialised and could relate … Continue reading

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Innovations in healthcare and well-being

As I have captured my thoughts on the Digital Society over the last few years, I felt I had touched on so many topics that it was time to split my blog into more focused themes. My posts have talked … Continue reading

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