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Designing public services

I have earlier blogged about service design and last week at the 1st Nordic conference on Service Design and Service Innovation conference I met a number of very skilled people from different domains. It just reinforced my thinking about the … Continue reading

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Collaborative content creation

A big problem with laws and other technical material produced for bureacratic use is that it is – for all practical purposes – limited to those who are well-versed in the jargon or those with an immense capacity to read … Continue reading

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The browser is the new desktop

Last september, I commented Google’s launch of Chrome with thoughts along those lines. Having watched the demo of Google Wave yesterday, I am even more convinced that the browser is the new desktop (screenshots from 7:40 into the video) For … Continue reading

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Googlezon and robotic journalism

I just read Nicholas Carr’s note on the Web-Wikipedia-Google connection. It got me thinking about the way society in general perceives content from the Web as the sole truth (I too quote from Wikipedia, mainly definitions). The line of thinking … Continue reading

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Nobel Peace Prize – Internet?

Following the announcement of this years Nobel Peace Prize; Renny had an interesting post here – Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore or Vint Cerf? I like the line of thinking and would like to extend this nomination for 2008 … Continue reading

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