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On platforms and transparency

As I learn more about the current global financial crisis and watch the crisis unfold and expand, I cannot help thinking that the crisis is a stark reminder of our increasingly digital existence. The digital society is here and I … Continue reading

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Demonstrators for the digital society

What started as an attempt to go beyond alumni reunions led to an interesting scenario of the digital society. On the 28th of November 2007 the alumni association of my high school in Mumbai, India handed over 100 cashless healthcards … Continue reading

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Photosynth from Microsoft Research (see here) takes Hypertexting, Semantics, Graphics and Social Networks to an amazing entertaining level … with great potential for societies and businesses. See this video and judge for yourself. Am not sure George Orwell would have … Continue reading

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Business Intelligence goes social

Business Intelligence and Information Management meets Social Responsibility. See This mashup is a brilliant example of information technology driving transparency to create a world for the citizens and not only the big-buck businesses.  Combining internet technology with law has some ground … Continue reading

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