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The Industrial internet and platform-thinking

This conversation is probably one of the best I’ve listened to in a long time. It provides a nice context to understand the notions of the Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things, Bring-your-own-device and mobility. These buzzwords come to life … Continue reading

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Social media and healthcare

This weekend Aftenposten carried different stories around the cost of healthcare (for eg here and here – Norwegian texts). The technocrats and the bureaucrats will haggle about numbers and details while politicians extol the virtues of their party programs — … Continue reading

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Innovations in service delivery

I have been spending a lot of time looking for innovations in service creation and come up with some very interesting cases. But none so impressive that could actually get me back to health care blogging. Listening to the Aravind … Continue reading

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Consumer Centered Service Development – First Tuesday 23rd may 2006

As social media technologies build for interoperability, interesting things can happen. This presentation is 3 1/2 years old, but posted to slideshare 3 weeks ago. And now being linked to my blog. Am just curious to see how this works … Continue reading

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Reflections on and the health care ecosystem

So, its here. Obama Barack has been elected as the next US President. At they have outlined the agenda for “health care for all”. Their approach is consistent with the approach during their campaign i.e departing from the traditional … Continue reading

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User-centric healthcare is taking shape

I recently came across the Health 2.0 conferences and just last week, the 3rd Health 2.0 conference concluded in San Francisco with some very interesting topics being discussed. The user-centricity approach is refreshing and only reinforces my thinking around the … Continue reading

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Next level of outsourcing ..Medical tourism

The Open Source software movement started as a means to offer choice and at a price-point advantage, and since the OSS movement has evolved as a way of enterprise with some interesting business models. As software takes to the clouds, … Continue reading

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Accelerating health care services

As I write this, it appears that Barack Obama has won the nomination as the Democrat’s presidential candidate. Whether he does what he says in his health care program is left to be seen (see my previous post). However, the … Continue reading

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