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Government as a platform – hype or real?

The Gov 2.0 Expo last month provided a wealth of knowledge about how governments can actually be transformed to serve as platforms. What I found interesting about the Expo — I was not present, just following from a distance – … Continue reading

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Education as a basic right – how can we make grassroot innovation scale up and out?

I am fortunate to live in a country where basic education is compulsory and higher education is a basic right. This means, as a parent I am obliged to send my children to school (grades 1-10) and penalised if I … Continue reading

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Nobel prize for Obama – Why I think it is a good thing.

Friday’s announcement of the 2009 Nobel peace prize award to Obama has drawn much comment around the globe The comments are driving introspection and reflection at mulitple levels — as witnessed by blogposts and Facebook conversations. The notion of peace … Continue reading

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We need more critical thinking

The glut of information and social networking tools is not exactly strengthening our ability for critical thinking. On the contrary. Unfortunately it is often being exploited by bigots who continue to play on humans’ base instincts and polarize rather than … Continue reading

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Society 2.0?

Over the last few weeks I have been revisiting the role of entertainment and new media technology in the context of the digital society and I am struck by how far we have come in creating virtual arenas. Not just … Continue reading

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Actively participating in society

The events of the last few days in Mumbai – the city of my birth – has brought terror to me in a manner most chilling. Terror has reached my doorstep! I do not live in Mumbai, however my wife … Continue reading

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Ashoka, flatness and being local

I just discovered Ashoka a well-established organisation working in the social sector -actually been around since 1980 (!) driving for local change with a global network. Causes is bringing societal responsibility to social networking by creating applications for Facebook and … Continue reading

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