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Innovations in service delivery

I have been spending a lot of time looking for innovations in service creation and come up with some very interesting cases. But none so impressive that could actually get me back to health care blogging. Listening to the Aravind … Continue reading

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Next level of outsourcing ..Medical tourism

The Open Source software movement started as a means to offer choice and at a price-point advantage, and since the OSS movement has evolved as a way of enterprise with some interesting business models. As software takes to the clouds, … Continue reading

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Visiting your doctor digitally

At the Telemedicine conference in Tromsø this year, an interesting paper was presented. Meeting your doctor using a webcam and an LCD screen is no rocket science however, the requirements of privacy and integration are critical. Being able to meet … Continue reading

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Test-bed for lifestyle services

The semantics of “Healthcare services” are getting richer and “self service” seems to take on a whole new meaning. This article is the latest describing innovative health care solutions that can transform the way health care services are disbursed. There … Continue reading

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Social responsibility and telemedicine

And here is one more example of the “Digital Society in Practice”. My collegaue Øyvind Strømme pointed me to Thomas Friedman’s article in the NYTimes. Very inspiring story of social responsibility by the Byrraju Foundation. At first looks, one is … Continue reading

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Creating warmer homes…

Seasons greetings! The Yahoo article (link) on Virtual Dinners makes interesting reading. Fiction? Not really. Only for nerds? Depends on how the key players react. Health-care and insurance companies definitely have an interest in this, afterall there are interesting opportunities … Continue reading

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Today, Telenor launched the Windows Live Messenger service to mobile users in the Norwegian market. There is nothing revolutionary about the technology, it has been available for some time. However, what is significant is that this is another small step … Continue reading

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